Majha's Menu
BREAKFAST (7:00 AM to 11:00 AM) RUPEES
Hindustani Breakfast 80
Stuffed Parantha with Raita or Poori Bhaji  
& Pickle, Tea/Coffee  

Continental Breakfast

Canned Juice, Toast with preserves  
American Breakfast 110
Canned Juice, Cereals (cornflakes/porridge),  
Eggs to order (omlette, fried, scrambled)  
Toast with preserves Tea/Coffee  
A-La-Carte Suggestions 45
Eggs-Eggs-Eggs (with slice)  
Eggs to order (omlette, fried, poached, scrambled)  
Stuffed parantha with Raita (2 pcs) 55
Poori Bhaji (4 pcs) 45
Chhole Bhathure (2 pcs) 40
Spanish Omlette 45
Pluffy omlette stuffed with mushroom  
Onion & Tomato  
Cheese omlette 45
choice of cereals 45
Cornflakes/porridge served eith hot or cold milk  
Butter Toast (4 pcs) 25
LITTLE FOODIES (round the clock service)  
  Plain Grilled
Vegetable Sandwich 30 35
Cheese Sandwich 35 40
Cheese & Tomato Sandwich 35 40
Chicken Sandwich 55 60
Vegetable Club sandwich 65  
Canadian Club Sandwich 75  
Toast with preserves (4 pcs) 30  
French Fries 40  
Vegetable Pakor 50  
Cheese Pakor 70  
Majha Special Pasta 90  
Corked in Napoli sauce with Lamb,  
Diced Chiken & Paprika  
Piatto dueato Pasta 90  
Two type of veg pasta in two different Flavours  
Oriental Pasta 80  
Fresh Tomato sauce, Mozerella cheese,  
Capsicum, Onion, Chilli & Paprika  
Pasta of Shecock 95  
Farfalla, Jalapeno & Shredded Chicken  
Cooked in Italian Hara Pasta with Paprika  
Fresh Lime Water/Soda 25
Aereated Water 20
Mineral Water 20
Soda Water 15
Darjiling Tea 10
Espresso Coffee 15
Canned Juice 40
Milk Shakes 40
Milk Shakes (with Ice-Cream) 48
Cold Coffee 40
Cold Coffe (eith Ice-Cream) 48
Northern Lassi (Sweet/Salted) 30
Tomato Dhaniya Shorba 45
Thick Tomato Soup with Indian herbs & spices  
Kukku Matta 45
A thick mushroom soup with Indian herbs & Spices  
Tarkari Shorba 45
Assorted Vegetables with tempering of Indian herbs & Spices  
Harayali Shorba 45
Spinch and peas cooked with Freshly grounded herbs & Spices  
Murg Ka Shorba 55
Chicken thick soup with Indian herbs & Spices  
Yakhani Jahangir 55
An Indian thick mutton consomme  
Panner kebab's 90
Cottage cheese cooked in different flavoured Masala & cooked in clay oven  
(Irani, Haryali, Achari, Seekh)  
Veg. Sekh Kebab 85
Mixed minced vegetables and spices cooked in clay oven  
Khumb kebab's 90
Mushroom merinated in yuughurt and Tupical Masala cooked in clay oven  
(Tikka, Achari, Double Deccor)  
Loaded Aloo Kebab 75
Hollowed potato stuffed with cheese, herbs & Spices grilled in clay oven  
Tandoori KHAZANA Veg. 130
Chef special veg. delicacies served on a smoking sizzler platter  
Murg Tandoor Half/Full 115/205
World Famous Traditional chicken from clay oven  
Murg Tikka 140
Succulent Pieces of chicken marinateds of Chicken Marinated in Different Masala &  
Cooked in Tandoor (Haryali, malai, Noorani)  
Andaaz Special Jaebab 140
An egg coated tikka flavoured with Cumin Seeds  
Tangri Gulmohar 140
Chicken Drums Stuffed with Minced Keema & Cooked in Tandoor  
Majha Special Tandoori Platter 270
Delicaies Served On a Smoking Sizzler  
Kalmi Kebab 140
Mutton seekh kebab 140
Kakori Kebeb 140
Peshwari Tikka 140
Fish Tikka (Ajwain, Haryali, Malai) 180
MAIN COURSE (A Vegetarian Repast- Shakahari)  
Vegatable Makhanwala 85
Seasonal Vegetable Cooked in Butter and Indian Spices  
Navrattan Korma 85
Richly flavoured casserole of selected vegetables & fruits in  
delicacies mughlai gravy, with touch of saffron  
Diwani Vegetable 70
Assorted Vegetables in a roulette of fenguric and Mint Spices  
Choice of Kofta 85
Haryali, Malai, Zafreni, Angoori  
Dum Aloo Banarasi 85
Hollowed Potato Stuffed with Cheese and dry fruits simmed in Mughlai Gravy  
Vegetable Jhal Freeze 75
Sauted Vegetables cooked with freshly grounded spices  
Karahi Paneer 90
Dimond Shaped Paneer pcs cooked with Tomato, Onion & Capsicum  
Shahi Paneer 90
Cottage Cheese Cooked in Muglai Gravy  
Paneer Pasands 90
Dumpling Stuffed Cottage Chesse Cooked in Red Velvet Smooth Gravy  
Paneer Taka Tak 90
Roasted Cottage Cheese Cooked in Butter with Onion & Capsicum  
Paneer Kali Mirach 90
Paneer Soaked in Black Pepper Sauce & Cooked in Spicy Pepper Gravy  
Paneer Lababdar 90
Cottage Cheese simmered in a combination of red & brown gravy flavoured with exotic spices  
Tomato Paneer 90
Pcs of Cottage cheese cooked in tango tomato gravy  
Mushroom Do Piaza 90
Button Mushroom cooked in flavoure of Onion with Indian herbs & Spices  
Shebnum Mutter 90
Peas & Mashroom cooked in Semi thick gravy with light Spices  
Channa Punjabi 70
White Channa in a traditional Punjabi Style with Lemon flavour  
Dal Makhani 70
Combination of black lentil Rajma and channa dal cooked in over night  
on tandoor tempered with butter & Cream  
Dal Kabila 65
Dhuli Maa Dal cooked in dry style with aromatic spices  
Punjabi Dal Tadke Wali 65
Yellow Dal Cooked in northern style & Flavoured with desi ghee  
  Half Full
Murg Makhani 140 260
Traditional butter chicken of Majha  
Choice of bone or boneless  
Murg Karahi 140 260
Succulent pcs of Chicken cooked with diced tomato, Onion & Capsicum in brown curry Masala  
Murg Kali Mirach 140 260
Spring chicken soaked in black Pepper Sauce & cooked in spicy pepper gravy  
Murg Taka Tak 140 260
Roasted Chicken Cooked in butter with Onion and Capsicum  
Cream Chicken 140 260
Mildy Spiced Chicken in a blend of Cashew nuts and cream  
Methi chicken 140 260
Fresh Fenguric leaves and spinach cooked with Indian herbs & Spices  
Majha Special chicken 150 280
Top Secret recipe of our master chef  
Murg Curry 140
Traditional Punjabi Chicken Curry  
Mutton Rogan Josh 120
A spicy thin mutton curry cooked with saunf and saunth  
Bhuna Gosht 120
A rare semi thick spiced masala with flavour of onions & Tomato  
Rahra Gosht Punjabi 120
North Indian style mutton cooked with keema and flavoured with home made spices  
Mutton Saagwala 120
Combination of spinach and Methi tempered with cumin and fennel seeds  
Mutton Shahi Korma 120
The extra ordinary mughlai dish in a semi thick white gravy  
Handi Meat 120
Rich mutton preparation in a smooth cashew & almond gravy  
Keema Mutter 120
Mined meat and fresh peas cooked in India herb & spices  
Fish Bemisal 170
Fish cooked in typical Punjabi Masala  
Fish tikka Masala 170
Delicately grilled fish cooked with tomato and Onion Masala  
Goan's fish curry 170
Fish curry cooked with coconut cream with Indian herbs & Spices  
Pasta & Potato Salad 45
Cheese and pineapple 45
Garden green Salad 40
Russian Salad 50
Tossed Salad 45
Veg Hawain 60
Caser Salad 75
Fruity Chicken Salad 75
Primevara Salad 75
Plain Raita 35
Mix Veg. Raita 45
Aloo Mint Raita 40
Pineapple Raita 50
Boondii Raita 40
Bhurani Raita 45
Tandoori Roti 10
Butter Roti 12
Plain Nan 15
Butter Nan 18
Lachha Parantha 12
Pudina Parantha 12
Masala Kulcha 35
Keema Nan with Gravy 90
Cheese Nan 40
Missi Roti/ Khastta Roti 12
Churi Nan 25
Khandhari Nan 25
kurkure Papad 10
Masala Papad 15
Murg Dum Luckhnami 140
Basmati Rice and Chicken cooked in dumpukth style. A meal itself served with mint Raita an accompaniment  
Gosht Dum Hyderbadi 140
Combination of boneless mutton and basmati rice cooked in Hydrabadi style served with Raita  
Majha Special Biryani 150
Mutton and murg cooked together in chef's own style a special Long grain rice Served with mint raita & papads  
Mixed Veg. Briyani 90
Assorted Vegetables cooked with basmati rice served with raita  
Pulao 75
Jeers/Mutter/ Mix Veg.  
Khusbudar Chawal 50
CHINESE CUISINE (From the Steaming soup tureen  
  Veg Non-Veg
Tomato Basil 45  
Mint Flavoured 45 55
Manchow 45 55
Hot 'N' Sour 45 55
Lemon Coriander 45 55
Sweet Corn 45 55
Talumein 50 60
Crispy rice 45 55
Majha Executive Torino 200 225
Family Soup  
Vegetable Spring Roll   75
Veg. Manchurian   75
Golden Fried baby corn   85
Honey Chilli Cauliflower   75
Crispy Vegetables   75
Mushroom Chilli   85
Cheese Chilli   85
Country Style Potato   75
Chicken Spring Roll   95
Chicken Lolly Pop   140
Chilly Chicken   140
Singapuri Chicken   140
Chilly Fish   180
Szechwan Fish   180
Spiced Lamb (Hongkong style)   130
Chicken in thai Red Paste   140
Swashed chicken in oystr sauce   140
Spinach & Mushroom in hot garlic sauce 90
Mix Vegetables with almonds 90
Sweet and sour vegetables 90
Assorted veg in Red thai curry paste 90
Baby corn and snow peas Hong Kong Style 90
Egg plant Szechwan style 80
Zed Lemon Chicken 140
Satay Chicken 140
Hong Kong Chicken 140
Diced Chicken in garlic sauce 140
Sweet and sour Chicken 140
Crispy mutton in Honey Chilly oil 140
Sliced mutton in hakka style 140
Fish sweet 'N' sour 180
Fish Chilly garlic 180
Fish in red thai curry 180
Chiken fried rice 80
Egg fried rice 70
Mixed fried rice 90
Veg. fried rice 65
Veg hakka Noodles 65
Chilly garlic Noodles 70
Chicken Singapuri 85
American Chopsuey 90
Chinese Chopsuey 90
Vegetable chopsuey 75
Korean fried rice (veg/Non-veg) 65/95
Choice of Conti Soup 45
Cream of tomato, vegetable, mushroom, almond, chicken  
Mini Strone Soup 45
French Onion Soup 45
Vegetable clear soup 45
Chicken clear soup 50
Vegetable cocktail kebab 65
Hara bhara kebab 65
Cheese finger 85
Cheese corden blue 75
Cheese balls 75
Chicken finger 140
Chicken basket 140
Keema Cocktail kebab 140
Fried fish with tartar sauce 180
Fish finger tartar sauce 140
Baked vegetable princess 90
Asoorted vegetables cooked in white sauce baked till golden brown  
Vegetable Mazgran 90
Vegetable steak with mushroom sauce served with compliments  
Vegetable Florentine 95
Pancake stuffed with spinach topped with sauce cheese and beked  
Vegetable-Au-Grantin 90
Veg. gratinated golden brown with greated cheese on the top  
Chicken Florentine 110
Poached chicken on the bed of spinach with cheese sauce and baked  
Chicken Imperial 140
Sauted chicken cooked in wine and served on a bed of noodles  
Hungarian Goulache 140
Boneless mutton cooked with broth Garnished with capsicum, Onion and carrat  
Mutton Strongan off 140
Pieces of mutton cooked in wine sauce Garnished with paprika & yellow capsicum  
Fish Morany 180
Poached fish topped with morany sauce  
Chicken Steak A-La-Andaz 150
Grilled chicken steak cooked in hollandise sauce served sauted vegetables and grilled potato on sizzler platter  
Chicken pepper steak 150
Marinated chicken steak charabroiled topped with garlic flavoured sauce  
Mutton bottok A-La-Ruce 150
Minced meat and beet root blended and grilled topped with brown sauce on a sizzler platter  
Oriental Sizzler 125
Pattish of cheese grilled and served with French fried and boiled vegetables on a sizzler platter  
Vegetable Sizzler 110
Assorted pattish of vegetables Grilled and served with accompaniments on a sizzler platter  
American banana split 90
Regular ice cream 40
(Vanila, strawberry, chocolate)  
Deluxe Ice-cream 50
(Butter scotch, Kesar pista, Roasted Almond)  
Special tutty Fruity 50
Fruit cream 50
Stick kulfi 25
Shahi Tukra 35
Hot Chocholate fudge 35
Ras Malai 30
Gulab Jamun 25
Note:- Rates Subject to Change without any Notice